The Headmistress of Fountain School;

The Deputy Headmistress;

Teachers and pupils;

Distinguishes ladies and gentlemen,

It gives me great pleasure to be present at this ceremony to mark the 20th Anniversary of The Fountain School, Surulere and the launching of the School’s Magazine – “The Fountain World”.

We have all heard about the founding of the school and its achievements from the Headmistress.I have always followed with keen interest the progress of the school since it was founded and can testify that the high quality obtained there at very reasonable cost when compared to the fees pain in other similar schools. The number of parents seeking admission for their children to the school also testifies to this assertion. Furthermore, the school has always done well in the National Common Entrance Examinations by gaining admission to the best Secondary Schools in the country.

 The purpose of any school magazine is to make available the most authoritative and reliable information about the school for the benefit of both students, ex-students and parents. As you can see, the magazine is an interesting and comprehensive one with articles contributed by the Headmistress, Manager, Teachers, Pupils, Ex-students, and a few parents.

The publication of the magazine which is the very first one, is of a very high standard and contains somethings for everyone. I hope its publication would be a continuous one in order to inculcate in the students the habit of writing and reading.It is my prayer that the Fountain school continues to maintain its reputation as one of the best primary schools in the country.

I therefore have the great honor of launching the magazine – “Fountain World” by purchasing two copies for the sum of ₦2,000. I also commend it to everyone present here to buy a personal copy and one for a friend or relation who may be interested in knowing or wishing to send their children to the school.

                Thank you.